The Caribbean


When I travel, I love to eat new ingredients and try new things. Traveling is a way for met to let off steam and to let down my hair. One of my favorite places in the world to travel is that of the Caribbean. I love the Caribbean. This region of the world has much to offer people. You can find great beaches, fantastic water, astonishing wildlife and amazing sunsets. I’ve been to the Caribbean at least five times over the last ten years. Each and every single time I go there, I truly discover something new that I had not seen before in any other space.

One of the most amazing things about the Caribbean is the food. This area of the world has an astonishing variety of food items including wild fruit, fresh fish and delicious and inventive kitchen techniques. One of my favorite places to visit in all of this region is St Maarten car rental. This magnificent island attracts vacationers from around the world. The result is some of the best food you will find anywhere from Miami to Bogota. I am constantly delighted to find out just how much I truly enjoy dining in this area of the world every single time I visit here.


The island is based on two cultures: Dutch and French. This allows visitors to sample two varied kinds of European cuisine that often have much in common. Both cuisines use vegetables, cheese and meats effectively. Cooks in St. Maarten have found ways to help create a fusion cuisine of sorts of the two that is truly amazing. In general, visitors will find that the island is divided between the earthy Dutch cuisine and a more refined French food view. Those who come here will also find that they can find other kinds of ethnic cuisines including multiple Italian restaurants as well as native Caribbean cuisine and Italian restaurants. I generally like to enjoy a mix of dining experiences when I choose to visit this island.

For an upscale French dining meal, I find that restaurants such as La Cigale, L’Escargot, and Le Santal make the ideal meal for a special occasion or to enjoy with friends who love French foods. Trying an order of garlicky escargot by the light of the sunset facing a fabulous beach is an experience I will remember for many years. The chance to retreat from the heat and eat a classic French meal of onion soup, grilled lamb and a souffle is also something I have delighted in doing while here.


Those who prefer other kinds of meals will also find them in St. Maarten. The Tides Restaurant and Bar is less formal and more relaxed with an eclectic menu that offers something for nearly everyone. I’m also fond of Spiga for Italian food that is both authentic and delicious. No matter what kind of food you want to pick out while you are staying here, chances are that you will find it here in this lovely place in the middle of the beautiful Caribbean. I always come back to this area of the world, knowing I will be delighted with the food here each and every time that I choose to do so.